Travel Info

We highly recommend that you try and keep your luggage to a minimum. This is so because most charter aircrafts used to transport clients to and from safari camps in Botswana impose a 20 kg luggage limit.

Soft holdall bags, or backpacks should be used for packing all of the clothes you will need during your safari.

Lightweight clothing of neutral colours that blend with the African bush and forest are preferable during summer.

Warm wear such as jackets and jerseys, again of neutral colours, should be brought along during the winter months as it can be very chilly on the early morning and late evenings. In some parts of the country temperatures can even fall below zero degrees Celsius.

Trousers, longsleeved shirts and blouses are also necessary as they minimize the chances of getting bitten by mosquito.

Closed, comfortable walking shoes or gym shoes are a must in all seasons.

Bring along a sun hat, preferably wide brimmed, as opposed to a baseball cap.